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NYC passes Anti-Buyout Legislation: What this means for Tenants

NYC apartments are always in high demand. Unscrupulous landlords have long tried to take advantage of this demand by forcing current tenants out of their rent-regulated units so they can raise the prices and secure new tenants. Landlords might resort to threat, coercion, neglect, or even buy out existing tenants in order to free up

Tenants: Know your rights concerning bed bug removal and remediation in New York

As a tenant in New York City, you are probably aware that bed bugs are a huge problem.  Unfortunately, some landlords are not acting quickly to remove bed bugs. When faced with bed bugs, many tenants don’t know their rights, or who is responsible for taking care of the infestation. It’s important to know your rights

How to deal with Landlord harassment

It’s a situation few ever want to find themselves in – your landlord is making your life miserable. Threats, intimidation, ignoring requests for repairs or service…these all disrupt your life and they all constitute harassment on the part of the landlord. Sadly, this type of behavior is too common in NYC, especially in rent-controlled and rent

What are Succession Rights?

Living in NYC is expensive. Rent prices keep going up and it’s become nearly impossible for the everyday citizen to find affordable housing. If you are lucky enough to have a family member living in a rent-stabilized or rent-controlled apartment you may be able to claim succession rights upon their death or if they vacate

Tenants’ Rights regarding pets and service animals

NYC pet lovers are often unaware of their rights regarding pet ownership in rental units and may feel discouraged when they can’t find housing that accepts pets. However, under certain circumstances, you can have a pet, even if the lease says otherwise. New York City’s pet law and the 3-month rule NYC’s Pet Law, under

Bounds and limits to Tenant’s Right to privacy in NYC

The New York state covenant of quiet enjoyment Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, there are certain limits to the tenant’s right to privacy that must be observed. The first thing to understand is that tenants have a right to privacy; no questions asked. In fact, it’s illegal for a lease to contain

How to evict a roommate

Roommates can be the best or the worst. On the plus side, they can help make it more affordable to live in NYC. On the downside, sometimes you can have trouble getting rid of the bad ones. Evicting roommates or getting a live-in girlfriend or boyfriend to leave takes finesse at the best of times.

Order to show cause to stay or stop an eviction

If you receive an Eviction Notice from a Marshal that requires you to leave your property, you may be able to stop the eviction, at least temporarily, by requesting an Order To Show Cause to stay or stop the eviction. An Order to Show Cause is an emergency application to the Court. It can be

Notice of Petition and Petition

A Notice of Petition and Petition is a lawsuit that is filed for the purpose of evicting you and/or to have you pay rent that is owed to your landlord. It must be answered or you can be evicted. If a landlord has issued a Notice to Cure, Rent Demand (sometimes called a Three Day

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