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The Law Offices of Justin C. Brasch has extensive experience protecting Rent Stabilized and Rent Controlled tenants in NYC. We have helped hundreds of tenants in the real estate sector.

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In the 1990s, Justin Brasch experienced landlord harassment. He lived in a Rent Controlled apartment with his grandfather and fought for his succession rights. He can help you.

Tenants in Rent Stabilized and Rent-Controlled apartments need to know their rights. Landlords are always looking for ways to deregulate your apartmentTenants in Rent Stabilized and Rent-Controlled apartments need to know their rights. Landlords are always looking for ways to deregulate your apartment.

We help tenants with:

  • Rent Increases

  • Succession Rights

  • Non-Primary Residence Proceedings

  • Owner Use Matters

  • Lease Buyouts

  • Lease Negotiations

  • Sublets and Roommates

  • Alteration Proceedings

  • Nuisance Proceedings

  • Rent Overcharges

  • Civil Litigation of Landlord-Tenant Disputes

  • Harassment

  • Obtaining Repairs and The Warranty Of Habitability

New York Tenant Protection Act of 2019

This new rent regulated legislation, which became law in June 2019, is designed to protect tenants in New York.The Act includes a number of important changes to rent regulations, eviction procedures, and more, marking a significant shift in housing policies for the year. However, it’s worth noting that “rent control is a more extreme policy” that some jurisdictions might consider to address housing affordability and tenant protections.

A key provision of the Tenant Protection Act is strengthening Rent Stabilization, ensuring that rent-stabilized tenants have leases, which helps keep rents affordable. If you have any frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding this aspect or other related matters, feel free to reach out for clarification. This includes eliminating the “vacancy bonus,” which allowed landlords to increase rents by 20% or more when a tenant moved out, and “high-rent vacancy decontrol,” which allowed landlords to deregulate apartments when rent reached certain thresholds.

The Act also includes measures to improve the enforcement of tenant protections, such as increasing penalties for landlords who violate Rent Stabilization laws, particularly in cases where the unit is affected. We can help you navigate these new laws and the housing court system, especially when it comes to apartments and ensuring renters are informed and protected.

Overall, the New York Housing Stability & Tenant Protection Act of 2019 is a major step forward for tenants, providing stronger rights and protections, and helping to ensure a more stable and affordable housing market.

What is Rent Stabilization?

Rent Stabilization is a type of rent regulation in New York City that prevents sharp increases in rent. The Rent Guidelines Board is responsible for establishing rental rates for Rent Stabilized apartments, lofts, and hotels.

Landlords of Rent Stabilized units in NYC can only raise rents in amounts set by the Rent Guidelines Board (RGB). Rent stabilization also gives tenants in the real estate sector the right to renew their lease in most situations. The goal is to make sure that people can afford to live in New York City, especially those with lower incomes. Today, about 1 million New York City apartments are subject to Rent Stabilization.

Is my apartment or housing rental eligible for Rent Stabilization or Rent Control?

Various factors determine whether an apartment is subject to Rent Stabilization or Rent Control, including the exact date it was built or renovated (with the building maintaining special tax benefits).

If you are a tenant in a rent-stabilized or rent-controlled apartment, you should know your legal rights and options. Contact Justin Brasch at (212) 267-2500 to arrange a consultation.

Our office is familiar with the rent-stabilized regulations and has extensive experience in all aspects of the judicial process in residential landlord-tenant matters, including motions, hearings, and trials. Our firm has extensive knowledge of the difference in Housing Court procedures, NYC Rent Regulations, HPD issues, and DHCR rules and regulations.

The Law Offices of Justin C. Brasch can help you protect your rights as a tenant under this new law and assist you with lawsuits, buyouts, harassment and potential evictions.


Justin negotiated a lease for our firm’s new offices and he did a great job. He came up with creative and helpful ideas. He was very accessible as well. He is always available to answer questions and to be helpful. I highly recommend Justin’s services as an attorney.

by Chaim Book, Partner, Head of Employment Law Group at Moskowitz & Book, LLP

When my roommate refused to pay rent and leave my apartment I hired Justin Brasch. He brought a lawsuit, evicted the tenant and I got paid. Justin handled the case in an efficient and affordable manner.

by Andy C.

My landlord tried to evict me from my Rent Stabilized apartment by falsely alleging that it was not my primary residence. I hired Justin Brasch and he defended my rights. Justin handled the case in an efficient and affordable manner and it was dismissed.

by Andy C.

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