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While there are many attorneys who can help with a lease in your commercial property transaction, it is important to choose an attorney who has experience dealing with these types of transactions on a daily basis. The Law Offices of Justin C. Brasch specialize in Landlord & Tenant, Leasing, commercial, and Criminal law in New York City. We are guided by the overarching principle of providing the highest quality legal services to our clients. We achieve this by using a practical, responsive, and client-focused approach that effectively identifies and responds to problems and challenges.

If you are planning to open an office, a café, a restaurant, or any industrial premises, you must have commercial lease lawyers. Commercial leasing involves legal documents that state the responsibilities and rights of both the landlord and the commercial tenant. In the said document, you can see the rental amount, the span of the lease, and any additional terms.

Having an effective and reliable commercial lease attorney can help avoid the possibility of real estate litigation. Disputes may occur and arise during the acquisition process, and they may be related to disagreements about your ownership rights and responsibilities. It may be related to the purchase, where you can disagree in the middle of the acquisition or conflict with your interests and conditions. However, if you hire a commercial lease lawyer, you can minimize or avoid this.

Commercial lease attorneys provide an expert range of vital assistance not just for commercial property tenants but also for landlords who plan to be in a commercial lease agreement. The lease terms and conditions in the legal document are discussed with the lawyer for a hassle-free process or acquisition. They can represent commercial landlords or tenants and provide legal and practical advice which you can depend on every lease agreement.

At the Law Offices of Justin C. Brasch, we view every client’s problem as our own. The core of our Landlord-Tenant Law firm in New York City is the personal recommendations of clients to friends, family, and business


Why we’re different

The success of our Real Estate lawyers in New York City is governed by representing clients effectively by providing personalized and prompt responses to client questions and communications, making every effort to meet and exceed expectations while remaining cost-conscious.

The property owners, landlords, and tenants are assured of having adequate and quality assistance. Real Estate Lawyers in New York City are into providing a quality, long-term attorney-client relationship. You can ask them any question about your lease that bothers or stresses you out. There is no room for hesitation because we are genuinely open to listening to our clients. We just don’t act as your lawyer but could be your friendly adviser in terms of commercial leasing transactions.

Customizing your lease to be in line with your particular situation and requirements is key to having effective and equitable lease agreements. A thoroughly drafted lease will secure the agreement and benefit both parties. It is immensely necessary to attain legal advice before setting foot in a commercial lease. This is to protect the rights of both landlords and tenants while taking into consideration the responsibilities that lie ahead. An experienced commercial real estate lawyer is in this essential field of assistance. We will minimize the worry involved throughout the acquisition process by making all essential preparations for our clients accurately and professionally.

Experience on both sides gives our office a broader perspective to effectively handle your case and achieve results that are equal to much larger firms while remaining a well-established boutique firm.

Please contact the Law Offices of Justin C. Brasch whenever we can be of assistance to you, your family, friends, and business associates.


Justin negotiated a lease for our firm’s new offices and he did a great job. He came up with creative and helpful ideas. He was very accessible as well. He is always available to answer questions and to be helpful. I highly recommend Justin’s services as an attorney.

by Chaim Book, Partner, Head of Employment Law Group at Moskowitz & Book, LLP

When my roommate refused to pay rent and leave my apartment I hired Justin Brasch. He brought a lawsuit, evicted the tenant and I got paid. Justin handled the case in an efficient and affordable manner.

by Andy C.

My landlord tried to evict me from my Rent Stabilized apartment by falsely alleging that it was not my primary residence. I hired Justin Brasch and he defended my rights. Justin handled the case in an efficient and affordable manner and it was dismissed.

by Andy C.

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