Buyout representation in NYC

Buyouts are increasingly common in NYC. If you are a tenant who has been presented with a buyout offer and needs advice, contact the tenant law attorneys at Brasch Legal. We work with tenants in buyout situations of all kinds. We have years of experience helping tenants negotiate better deals and higher-priced buyouts for their apartments.

BraschLegal has helped dozens of tenants get more money from landlords in buyouts.

We can help you:

  • Determine if the offer is fair and high enough.
  • Negotiate the offer with your landlord or management company.
  • Review the terms and conditions of the offer to ensure your rights are protected.
  • Supervise and facilitate the transaction.

Any tenant is a candidate for a buyout offer, but those in rent-controlled or rent-stabilized units have a higher chance of being made an offer.

A Buyout is a one-time thing

A buyout is a one-time cash offer that landlords make to tenants to encourage them to give up their unit. Since it’s a one-time payment, you need to make sure you’re getting the best offer possible.

Buyouts can be a great way to jump-start the next stage of your life if the terms are favorable. Our legal team has decades of experience negotiating buyout offers in NYC and can help you determine a fair price. We will negotiate with your landlord to help get the best offer.

What if you don’t want to move out?

You do not have to take a buyout offer if presented with one. There are many factors that should influence your decision to accept or not accept the offer. If the price isn’t right, you can make a counteroffer or reject the offer entirely.

Visit our Residential Tenant Law page for more information about how we help tenants in rent-controlled and rent-stabilized apartments. You have several rights and protections in these types of situations.

Contact Brasch Legal for help evaluating a Buyout offer

If you have been approached with a buyout offer, contact Brasch Legal. We have worked in the field of landlord-tenant law for over 20 years and bring years of experience negotiating buyout terms. We have helped many tenants get substantially higher amounts in buyouts.

To discuss your buyout situation, please call the team at Brasch Legal today at 212-267-2500.


Justin negotiated a lease for our firm’s new offices and he did a great job. He came up with creative and helpful ideas. He was very accessible as well. He is always available to answer questions and to be helpful. I highly recommend Justin’s services as an attorney.

by Chaim Book, Partner, Head of Employment Law Group at Moskowitz & Book, LLP

When my roommate refused to pay rent and leave my apartment I hired Justin Brasch. He brought a lawsuit, evicted the tenant and I got paid. Justin handled the case in an efficient and affordable manner.

by Andy C.

My landlord tried to evict me from my Rent Stabilized apartment by falsely alleging that it was not my primary residence. I hired Justin Brasch and he defended my rights. Justin handled the case in an efficient and affordable manner and it was dismissed.

by Andy C.

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