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criminal-fire-building-code-violations-legal-help-in-new-york-cityCriminal Fire & Building Code Violations in New York City

Building owners and tenants who have received a Criminal Summons or ticket for building code violations or fire code violations in New York City, need an experienced criminal defense attorney. A violation can mean fines, the suspension or loss of licenses, or even a criminal record. It can also impair the ability to sell or refinance your property. In the worst cases, business locations can be closed by the City. The success of the business, along with your name and reputation, depends on your ability to achieve compliance with the law as soon as possible.

Justin C. Brasch and his office can help you defend yourself against serious violations. We will work hard to help you bring your business into compliance with building and/or fire codes, avoid a criminal record, keep your fines and penalties to a minimum and your doors open to customers.

Justin C. Brasch’s Experience With Building Violations And Fire Code Violations

Justin C. Brasch has more than 20 years of experience in commercial and criminal law, including over 200 cases involving Criminal Summons concerning fire code violations and building violations in NYC. BraschLegal represents both large and small businesses and individuals in all types of building and fire code violations including, but not limited to:

  • Building permit violations
  • Emergency Action Plan (“EAP Plan”) violations
  • Fire Safety Director and EAP Director violations
  • Evacuation Supervisor violations
  • Local Law #5 violations, (the Hi-Rise Fire Safety Law)
  • Certificate of Occupancy violations
  • Fire alarm violations
  • Stand Pipe violations
  • Fire Sprinkler violations
  • Public Assembly violations
  • Illegal Occupancy
  • Hazardous materials violations
  • Blocked fire escape or fire sprinklers
  • Blocked doorways
  • Improperly marked exits
  • Faulty plumbing
  • Faulty wiring
  • Non-working toilets, bathtubs, and sinks
  • No or insufficient hot or cold water (including quantity, pressure, and temperature) for a period of 24 hour
  • Maximum capacity violations
  • Accumulation of waste matter
  • Health and sanitary violations
  • Insect and rodent Infestations
  • Non-working electrical outlets
  • Building maintenance violations
  • Other violations of the NYC fire safety code
  • Other violations of the NYC building code
  • Expired fire extinguishers

A Criminal Summons Requires An Attorney

If you are a business in New York and receive a Criminal Summons, you must be represented by a lawyer in court. If you don’t have legal representation your case will be adjourned for you to retain an attorney. With an experienced New York building and fire code violations attorney representing you, we can advise you of the fine range, assist in minimizing the fine and help you avoid a criminal record in the most efficient way possible.

Protecting You and Your Business

As a criminal defense attorney, Justin C. Brasch has built a reputation for effective and affordable representation with creative approaches to solving legal problems. You will receive comprehensive representation, including a thorough evaluation of your situation and an honest assessment of your case. The attorneys at BraschLegal will delve into the background and details of your case, even making visits to the building to view the violation in person, if necessary. If we believe your citation is unjustified, we will work to have it dismissed. If you need to appear in court, we will prepare your case, obtain expert witness testimony and represent you at trial.

Your business and reputation are too important to leave to chance. If you have received a summons for a building code or fire code violation and need to defend yourself in court, please contact our office immediately. We represent individuals and businesses across the entire New York City Metropolitan Area. Call 212-267-2500 to arrange an initial consultation.