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The Law Offices of Justin C. Brasch are Seasoned and Skilled in Lease Interpretation and Negotiation

lease-representation-and-interpretation-brasch-legal-nyLease agreements define the relationship between the landlords and tenants. Leases can run over twenty pages of fine print, containing complex terms and conditions tailored to either party’s specific needs. These terms can be contradictory or vague and courts view disputes between landlords and tenants in the context of what is in the lease.

When leasing property, it is critical to have an attorney well versed in lease negotiation and interpretation. Brokers, real estate agents and even unseasoned attorneys often lack the legal expertise necessary to understand complex lease provisions. This can cost you or your business substantial amounts of money.

Many commercial and residential tenants assume that their landlord will be reasonable, and that this will be reflected in their lease. This is seldom, if ever, the case. Landlords make money and protect their interests by drafting every possible provision in their favor. You need someone who will do the same for you. The Law Offices of Justin C. Brasch has the knowledge, expertise and skill to understand leases and break them down into easily understandable terms, while protecting your interests.

Our firm is equipped to:

  • Represent lessors and tenants in lease negotiations and audits
  • Review and analyze lease agreements thoroughly, highlighting important issues that could potentially cause problems during the lease term
  • Draft commercial and residential leases, subleases and licensing agreements
  • Engage in commercial or residential lease disputes and termination
  • Interpret and enforce personal guarantees
  • Lease violation, eviction and rent collection disputes
  • Unauthorized uses or alterations
  • Negotiate lease buyouts

If you need help negotiating or understanding a lease, please contact Justin Brasch or call him at 212-267-2500